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Axis 1: Fisheries Grants in Scotland: Fishing Vessels

Fishing Vessel Grants: Overview

Aid is available to support the adoption of sustainable catching methods as well as improved storage, fish handling and energy efficiency. Support is also available for projects to improve the quality of fish on board the vessels, and thus its value at market, provided that this does not result in an increase in fishing effort. Aid for the construction of new vessels or for increases in fishholds is not permitted.

First Time Vessel Owner/Shareholder: Overview

Aid is available to young, new entrants to support their first full or part-share in an active vessel.

Who can apply?

Vessel owners or skippers can apply for aid towards the modernisation of vessels that have been on the EU Fishing Vessel Register for at least five years.

Fishermen, younger than 40 years of age, can apply for their first full or part-share in a registered fishing vessel.

Vessel Modernisation (Including Re-Engining) Guidance

First Time Vessel Owner/Shareholder Forms and Guidance

Conservation Credits Selective Gear Scheme

Aid is available through the European Fisheries Fund for vessels to fund up to 40% of the costs of making gear amendments supported by Scotland's Conservation Credits Scheme.


If you require more further information on Fishing Vessel grants please contact:

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