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Aquaculture, Processing and Marketing

This application should be used for projects relating to:

  • innovation in aquaculture
  • productive investments in aquaculture
  • investments in aquaculture
  • management, relief and advisory services for aquaculture farms
  • promotion of aquaculture human capital, networking, training and education
  • increasing the potential of aquaculture sites
  • encouraging new aquaculture farmers practising sustainable aquaculture
  • aquaculture providing environmental services
  • animal health and welfare measures
  • marketing measures
  • processing products

Guidance is available below.

Applications should be made through the EMFF esystem.

Guidance Note

Downloadable document:

Title:Aquaculture, Processing and Marketing
Description:Aquaculture, Processing and Marketing
File:Aquaculture [DOC, 432.6 kb: 28 Nov 2017]
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