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  • Round 7: The closing date for the next round is 31st July 2018. Please note the situation regarding UP1 funding has not changed, and most of the vessel measures are still closed. We would hope to be able to advise applicants of the outcome of their applications in October 2018.

  • Treasury Guarantee: Derek Mackay MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Constitution, has announced that he will be passing on the UK Government’s recently announced guarantee on European funding in full. The detail of the announcement can be found online.    

Applicants are required to register on the e-system in the first instance. If you have any difficulties please contact the EMFF grant team.

Update: 4 October 2017

*Important Update*


Due to unprecedented demand, there are limited remaining funds under EMFF Union Priority 1 (UP1) (Sea Fisheries).

This means that to protect remaining funds we are currently not able to accept applications from individual fishing vessels. The high level of demand means we have awarded over £25m to more than 200 projects under UP1 since January 2016. Of that, £4.6m was to 180 vessel modernisation projects with the remainder to projects benefiting the whole sector, such as marketing, research and ports.

We will however still consider collective applications for safety equipment etc. and we will also accept applications for first time purchase of a vessel by a young fisher.

We are currently exploring the scope to increase the UP1 budget and amend the operational programme to allow us to make further awards.  Further information, including any updates concerning the impact of developments arising from potential EU exit, will be provided in due course.

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)

The EMFF Operational Programme was adopted by the European Commission on 3 December 2015.

Support will be available through the EMFF programme in Scotland which delivers on sustainable economic growth in the sea fisheries and aquaculture sectors, and supports communities to deliver economic benefits during the transition phase of the Common Fisheries Policy reform programme.

Applications and claims will be made and submitted through the EMFF esystem. 


Fishing Vessel Energy Improvements and Re-engining

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Aquaculture, Processing & Marketing

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