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Infringement Penalty Points

Penalty point systems have been established under which penalty points are imposed when there is a serious infringement of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)

One system applies to the holders of fishing vessel licences who have committed a serious infringement (Licence Points) and the other applies to masters of fishing boats who have committed a serious infringement (Points for Masters).

In the UK the points systems are based on the principle that points will only be allocated after conviction for an offence which the relevant competent authority considers is a serious infringement of the Common Fisheries Policy.  

Licence Points

Further information is contained within the guidance document about the Points Systems and a Frequently Asked Questions document.

Points for Masters 

The consequences of a master accumulating and reaching trigger levels of points will be a period where they will be banned from carrying out any of the obligations of a fishing vessel master. It will NOT seek to preclude their presence on a fishing vessel, or prevent them carrying out any activities which fall outside the functions that only certified masters of fishing vessels are qualified to discharge.