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Consultation on the Allocation of Scottish Quotas

The Scottish Government believes that fish quotas must be managed in the common interest and, particularly, in a way that provides Scottish fishermen with the access to the quota that they need.

In 2014 the Scottish Government published a consultation paper about how the fish quota that is made available to Scotland should be allocated.

The Scottish Government plans to publish a detailed policy response to the quota consultation once a new UK Fisheries Concordat is in place.  

The Government has confirmed that, if the new Concordat provides Scotland with enhanced powers, the way fisheries quotas are allocated will remain unchanged, which is in line with the views of the  majority of stakeholders who responded to the consultation. The Government considers that maintaining the current system of allocation will provide the fishing industry with stability.

The Scottish Government plans to put in place rules that allow FQA units to move from a Scottish to a non-Scottish licence only when a Scottish vessel permanently moves its operations to another part of the UK. There will also be changes to make it easier for fishermen and new businesses to acquire smaller bundles of quota allocation units.

When the Government publishes its detailed response it will appear on this page.

Letter from Richard Lochhead About the Publication of the Consultation Paper on Quota Allocation

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Title:Consultation: Allocation of Scottish Quotas
Description:Consultation on the Allocation of Scottish Quotas
File:Letter from Richard Lochhead about the publication of the consultation paper on quota allocation [PDF, 146.5 kb: 26 Jun 2014]
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