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Managing Sea Fisheries

Marine Scotland is responsible for managing Scottish fishing vessels through the creation of policy and rules about fisheries management, which are together designed to ensure the sustainable harvesting of fish stocks and the protection of the marine environment. Matters addressed by fisheries management rules include:

  • licensing of fishing vessels and the maintenance of an overall cap on the capacity of the Scottish fishing fleet

  • setting catch limits through the allocation of fish quota and limits on time at sea

  • minimum standards (known as 'Technical Conservation') in the ways that fishing activity is conducted, for example by controlling the use of nets

  • arrangements for the monitoring of fishing vessels while they are at sea

  • controls on the landing, sale, purchase, transport and traceability of sea fish

Marine Scotland is also responsible for policy in relation to the enforcement of these policies and management rules, many of which are implemented by Marine Scotland Compliance. This section provides information about policies and management rules.