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Scottish Fisheries Council (SFC)

The Scottish Fisheries Council (SFC) was a partnership between the Scottish Government and stakeholders with an interest in commercial sea fishing. It represented one of the most comprehensive fish industry/stakeholder liaison groups in Europe, underlying the importance of sea fishing to Scotland.

In 2011, plans to ensure that Scotland maximises the potential of its fisheries and seafood sectors were unveiled.  A new two-pronged plan, covering both fisheries management and seafood supply and marketing, was created to ensure that all those involved in the fishing industry worked together to achieve the best results.

As a result, two new overarching bodies were created to take this work forward:

  • The Fisheries Management and Conservation Group (FMAC) - to build on the success of the Conservation Credits Steering Group and cover all aspects of inshore and offshore sea fisheries.
  • The Scottish Seafood Partnership - to replace the existing Scottish Fisheries Council and made up of the key players from processors, retailers and Producer Organisations seeking to maximise continuity of supply opportunities to add value from net to plate for all seafood products.

Historial information about the SFC is still available online: