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sea fisheries

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Scotland's Fish Stocks

box of fishHealthy fish populations are a naturally renewable resource, providing long-term fishing opportunities for the sea fishing industry and natural food for consumers, as well as being of great importance to our marine ecosystems.

It is important to live within environmental limits to ensure that fish stocks are kept healthy to provide a resource for future generations and to safeguard the diversity of the marine ecosystem on which they depend.

Stocks must be managed effectively, and to assist the Scottish Government in doing this Marine Scotland scientists provide the highest quality science to inform decisions and negotiating priorities, taking into account wider policy objectives, public attitudes, socio-economic implications and the precautionary approach.

The Scottish Government encourages eco-labelling schemes too, such as that of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as it recognises that such schemes have a valuable role to play in promoting sustainable fisheries and fish consumption.