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Background Information

The Chair of the Wild Fisheries Review was Andrew Thin, the current chairman of Scottish Canals and former chair of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

The Review panel also included Jane Hope and Michelle Francis, and was supported by a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) drawn from Marine Scotland Science, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Institute of Fisheries Management.  TAG  provided active and effective support and guidance to the Review Panel, including a specialist fishery management knowledge-base for the Panel and a “grounding” function for emerging thoughts and conclusions.

The Chair and the Panel  determined how the review was conducted, but was structured around delivery of the remit.  Secretariat support by provided by the Scottish Government.

Information about why the Review is being done and the history behind the Review is also available.

Timing & Timescale

The  Minister for Environment and Climate Change had set the review a timescales of six months to complete with a final report thereafter. The review began on 3 March and submitted its final report and recommendations to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change on 8 October 2014.

Related Information

Please see the resources page for the final report and recommendations.  This page also contains other information form the Review, including the monthly bulletins.