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Spring Conservation Measures

Statutory conservation measures will ensure that no salmon is taken in Scotland before 1 April each year. The national measure came into force on Friday 09 January 2015 with the equivalent measure for the Tweed District in force on Saturday 31 January 2015.

Key aspects are (see exceptions below):

  • The annual close time has been extended until 31 March
  • The start of the net fishing season is delayed until 1 April
  • Fishing by rod and line can take place from the season start date within the district until 31 March on a catch and release basis (any salmon caught must be returned to the water with the least possible harm)
  • The measures seek to underpin any existing voluntary/statutory measures
  • The measures will be reviewed annually

There are a number of exceptions:

  • The annual close time within the Esk Salmon Fishery District has been extended until 30 April, therefore netting is delayed until 1 May and spring fishing by rod and line prior to 01 May is on a catch and release basis
  • The extended annual close time does not apply in the Eachaig Salmon Fishery District as the existing season start date of 1 May has been preserved