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Conservation Measures to Control the Killing of Wild Salmon

Atlantic Salmon face a number of pressures during their life cycle. These include but are not limited to:

  • predation
  • poor water quality
  • disease and parasites
  • barriers to migration
  • poor physical habitat quality
  • food availability
  • factors affecting survival issues while at sea (including the challenge of warming seas).

The Scottish Government has introduced a range of measures designed to improve the conservation status of salmon by managing the pressure of exploitation through fishing within Scotland’s domestic waters. They are designed to complement, not replace, other management activities being undertaken at local, national and international level in the interests of conservation. The objective of the measures is to ensure harvesting in Scottish domestic waters is sustainable and that fishing does not damage vulnerable stocks or cause damage to the network of Special Areas of Conservation in place across Scotland.

The Conservation Regulations made to date include Spring Measures and Conservation Status (formerly known as the Kill Licence).