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Genetic Sampling

The National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland provides a valuable opportunity to collect genetic samples from across Scotland. These samples will be collected as part of a three year Scottish Government funded study that aims to quantify levels of introgression from fish of non-native origin into Scottish wild Atlantic salmon populations. The samples will be genetically screened and levels of introgression determined at an individual, site, river and regional level. Results will be examined in relation to the presence/absence and concentration of aquaculture production in the different rivers and regions.

The genetic sampling carried out under the National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland is a component of a larger programme of work that aims to assess:

  • Scotland wide levels of introgression using a strategic unbiased sample design (see Network Design).
  • the genetic impact of freshwater smolt rearing. 
  • temporal changes in levels of introgression.

The genetic samples collected as part of this programme will allow Marine Scotland to quantify levels of introgression at a national level.