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2017 Reports

2017 Reports - Volume 8

Vol (No.)
D J F Russell, E L Jones and C D Morris 8(25)
G Hermann, J Graham and J-P. Lacaze 8(24)
M Jitlal, S Burthe, S Freeman and F Daunt 8(23)
C Evers, C Blight, D Thompson, J Onoufriou and G Hastie 8(22)
H Dobby, R Fryer, T Gibson, S Kinnear, J Turriff and A McLay 8(21)
B McConnell, S Smout and M Wu 8(20)
S P R Greenstreet and M Moriarty 8(18)
S P R Greenstreet and M Moriarty 8(17)
M Moriarty, S P R Greenstreet and J Rasmussen 8(16)
Mesquita, C., Miethe, T., Dobby, H. and McLay, H. 8(14)
D Risch, B Wilson and P Lepper 8(13)
K Smith, P Walsham and L Webster 8(12)
W R Turrell, M Cox, L Mason, D Milne and R Watret 8(11)
C Tara Marshall, Rodrigo Wiff and Thomas Cornulier 8(10)

L Webster, N Shepherd, M Russell, G Packer, E J Dalgarno and F Neat

A Brownlow, N Davison & M ten Doeschate 8(8)
I Fairley, H Karunarathna and A Chatzirodou 8(7)
C J Fox 8(6)
P MacDonald and J Mair 8(5)
J Gilbey and P J Bacon 8(4)
M Kinghorn, J Dooley, A Edridge, R J Kynoch and F G O'Neill 8(3)
J Drewery, M Kinghorn, J Mair, F G O'Neill and K Summerbell 8(2)
F G O'Neill & K Mutch 8(1)