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Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science

 2018 Reports - Volume 9

Vol (No.)
A S C P Cook, R M Ward, W S Hansen and L Larsen 9(14)
M Harrald, P J Hayes and M Hall 9(13)
W R Turrell, C D Robinson, I Matejusova, L Brown, M Gubbins, G Hermann and J Graham 9(12)
L Brown, M Gubbins, D Donnan and J Dodd 9(11)
L Brown, W R Turrell, J Graham, M Gubbins, G Hermann, J-P Lacaze, and I Matejusova 9(10)
W R Turrell, L Brown and A Mayes 9(9)
K R Searle, D C Mobbs, A Butler, R W Furness, M N Trinder and F Daunt 9(8)
D Jarrett, A S C P Cook, I Woodward, K Ross, C Horswill, D Dadam and E M Humphreys 9(7)
H Downie, N Hanson, G Smith, S J Middlemas, J Anderson, D Tulett & H Anderson 9(6)
J D Armstrong, N R Gauld, J Gilbey & D J Morris 9(5)
S L Hughes, J Hindson, B Berx, A Gallego & W R Turrell 9(4)
C Fox
S J Sangiuliano
P Hayes