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Publication Scheme

Fishery statistics for a given season are published in the following April. Historical data will be updated each April with the publication of the following year’s data.

Reported fishery data (catch and net effort) from 1952 to the most recently published fishing season is available for download.

Topic sheets provide summaries of the fishery statistics for both salmon and sea trout. These data are presented together with a commentary which places the reports in the context of the time series of information, which has been collected since 1952.

Our records are amended when further information is provided and the most accurate historical data may be downloaded.

In addition, for most years between 2002 and 2008 MSS produced leaflets to accompany the annual survey of salmon and sea trout fisheries - Salmon and sea trout catch statistics, 2002-2008.

Following the introduction of the current publication scheme in 2010 MSS conducted a feedback exercise, and subsequently reported the findings.