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Marine and Fisheries

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Data Downloads

Available Data

Reported catch and effort by method data, for both salmon and sea trout fisheries in Scotland, are available to download:

Data for Salmon Fishery Districts will be made available again as soon as possible.

Return rates of catch forms are also available for download:

Information on the datasets can be found at the links above.  

Scales at Which the Data are Reported

Reported catches are provided at the finest geographical (Salmon Fishery District) and time (month) scales consistently available. Salmon Fishery Districts correspond either to a single river catchment together with adjacent coast or to groups of neighbouring river catchments and associated coastline (Collecting the Marine Scotland Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery Statistics).

Salmon Fishery Districts are characterised by Name, District ID and Report Order. Ordering the data with respect to “Report Order” sorts these districts spatially. Districts are ordered counter-clockwise starting with the Tweed as Report Order 1.

Salmon Fishery District data are also aggregated to Salmon Fishery Region and Scottish Marine Region. Salmon Fishery Region extents are described in Collecting the Marine Scotland Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery Statistics, Scottish Marine Regions correspond to those identified in Scottish Government’s National Marine Plan. Salmon Fishery Districts are included in the Scottish Marine Region, as indicated below:

Forth & Tay: Tweed to North Esk
North East: Bervie to Ugie
Moray Firth: Deveron to Wick
North Coast: Thurso to Grudie
West Highlands: Inchard to Leven
Argyll: Creran to Ormsary
Clyde: Carradale to Stinchar
Solway: Luce to Annan
Outer Hebrides: Loch Roag to Howmore
Orkney Islands: Orkney
Shetland Isles: Shetland

Sea Trout

The categories by which sea trout data have been reported have varied through the time series (Topic Sheet #67, Collecting the Marine Scotland Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery Statistics.) Finnock catches have been reported since 2004.

Net Fisheries

Data files for the net fisheries contain effort data. Fixed Engine effort is summarised as median number of traps operated within a given district in any month. Net and coble effort is summarised as median number of crews operated within a given district in any month.

Locations of net fisheries active in each season from 2011 are available on NMPi (National Marine Plan interactive).

Fish of Farmed Origin

Catches of farmed salmon and grilse have been reported since 1994. Advice on how fish of farmed origin may be identified from physical characteristics is available.

Data Requests

If you have a specific request for Scottish salmon and sea trout information, not covered by the data provided here, please contact Marine Scotland. We will do our best to supply the information required consistent with our obligations under data protection legislation.