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Marine Planning

Publication Author Date

National Marine Plan Review

National Marine Plan Review: Analysis Report

Marine Scotland March 2018
Scottish Coastal Forum's (SCF) National Marine Plan Review Workshop, 2018 Scottish Coastal Forum March 2018
Determining the water column usage by seals in the Brims lease site (SMFS 08 22) C Evers, C Blight, D Thompson, J Onoufriou & G Hastie November 2017
Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme (SMASS): final report (SMFS 08 08) A Brownlow, N Davison & M ten Doeschate 5 May 2017
Modelling the Effects of Marine Energy Extraction on Non-Cohesive Sediment Transport and Morphological Change in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters (SMFS 08 07) I Fairley, H Karunarathna & A Chatzirodou 5 May 2017
The Scottish Shelf Model. Part 4: East Coast of Lewis and Harris Sub-Domain (SMFS 07 06) D Price, C Stuiver, H Johnson, A Gallego, R O’ Hara Murray 24 October 2016 
The Scottish Shelf Model. Part 6: Wider Domain and Sub-Domains Integration (SMFS 07 08) J Wolf, C Stuiver, D Price, H Johnson, A Gallego and R O’Hara Murray 17 October 2016
The Scottish Shelf Model. Part 1: Shelf-Wide Domain (SMFS 07 03) J Wolf, N Yates, A Brereton, H Buckland, M De Dominicis, A Gallego, R O’Hara Murray 11 March 2016

Pentland Firth & Orkey Waters:

Various 2010 - 2016
The Importance for the Fish Processing and Merchanting Sector of Landings of Fish from the Waters of Pentland Firth and Orkney to the Local and Scottish Economies MSS Marine Analytical Unit December 2014
Pentland Firth Orkney Waters Marine Spatial Plan: Value Added in the Fish Supply Chain in Orkney and Northern Highlands MSS Marine Analytical Unit December 2014

Mapping Vessel Movements from Satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS)

ABPMer June 2014
Good Practice Guide for Underwater Noise Measurement NPL 2014
Integrated Coastal-Zone Risk Management - ICES Cooperative Research Report No 320 Cromier, R; Davies, I M and Kannen, A November 2013
Planning Scotland's Seas consultation papers & supporting documents Marine Scotland July 2013

Pilot Pentland Firth and Orkney waters marine spatial plan.  The plan scheme 2012

Marine Scotland December 2012
Marine Management Organisation, Marine Scotland, Plymouth Marine Laboratory November 2012
Marine Management Organisation, Marine Scotland, Plymouth Marine Laboratory November 2012

Effects of Displacement from Marine Renewable Development on Seabirds Breeding at SPAs: A Proof of Concept Model of Common Guillemots Breeding on the Isle of May

McDonald, C; Searle, K; Wanless, S and Daunt, F 25/10/2012

MS Offshore Renewables Research: Request for advice about the displacement of marine mammals around operational offshore windfarms

Marine Scotland 25/10/2012
Scotland's National Marine Plan: Interim SA Report Marine Scotland 16/03/2011
Scotland's Marine Atlas Marine Scotland 11/03/2011

Investigating the availability of remotely sensed data for Scotland's seas based on current and emerging technology

Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) 04/12/2010

A review of initiatives and related R&D undertaken in the UK and internationally regarding the use of macroalgae as a basis for biofuel production and other non-food uses relevant to Scotland

James, M A  (FRM Ltd) 2010

Defining the potential to better coordinate activities in the field of marine biofuels development in Scotland

James, M A (FRM Ltd) 2010