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Regularly Updated Information Description Date

Fish and Shellfish Stocks Information

Annual fish and shellfish stocks reports Ongoing
Aquaculture Production Businesses and Processing Establishment

Internet-based register of aquaculture production businesses and processing establishments

Locational Guidelines: Marine Fish Farms The Locational Guidelines for the Authorisation of Marine Fish Farms in Scottish Waters, which are updated quarterly Ongoing
Publication Author Date

Non-native species: management on Scottish shellfish farms

Mayes, A. 25/11/2015
A Technical Standard for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture (STS) for fish farm equipment and staff training recommendations published

Developed by the Ministerial Group for Sustainable Aquaculture’s (MGSA) Scottish Technical Standard Steering Group

MGSA Science & Research Working Group - Aquaculture Science & Research Strategy Produced on behalf of the Scottish Government Ministerial Group for Sustainable Aquaculture (MGSA) 14/07/2014
An Assessment of the Benefits of Aquaculture to Scotland Imani & SRSL 20/05/2014
An Assessment of the Benefits of Aquaculture to Scotland: Research Summary Iamni & SRSL 20/05/2014
Aquaculture & Fisheries Act 2013 Marine Scotland  

Impacts of open pen freshwater aquaculture production on wild fisheries

Homarus Ltd 24/10/2012

Declaration from the UK of a compartment free from infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) in south west Shetland Islands

Allan, C 02/03/2012

An assessment of the options available for dealing with Didemnum vexillum (DV) (carpet sea squirt)

Nimmo, F; Cook, E J; Moxey, A P; Hambrey, J and Black, K (2011). Report by Hambrey Consulting in association with the Scottish Association for Marine Science and Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management

Scotland's Marine Atlas Marine Scotland 11/03/2011

A review of initiatives and related R&D undertaken in the UK and internationally regarding the use of macroalgae as a basis for biofuel production and other non-food uses relevant to Scotland

James, M A (FRM Ltd) 2010

Defining the potential to better coordinate activities in the field of marine biofuels development in Scotland

James, M A (FRM Ltd) 2010
Research into Two Specific Permitted Development Rights for Finfish and Shellfish Developments. Marine Scotland October 2010

A study of the prospects and opportunities for shellfish farming in Scotland:

Marine Scotland/Stirling Aquaculture 18/08/2010
Locational Guidelines for the Authorisation of Marine Fish Farms in Scottish Waters - March 2010 Marine Scotland 22/03/2010
UK Declaration of a Programme for the Early Detection of OsHV-1 µvar in Scotland Marine Scotland 23/02/2010
A Fresh Start: The renewed Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture Scottish Government 21/05/2009