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Marine Environment

Publication Author Date
Updated Seal Usage Maps: The Estimated at-sea Distribution of Grey and Harbour Seals (SMFS 08 25)   D J F Russell, E L Jones and C D Morris 20/12/2017
Testing and Validating Metrics of Change Produced by Population Viability Analysis (PVA) (SMFS 08 23) M Jitlal, S Burthe, S Freeman and F Daunt 19/12/2017
Determining the water column usage by seals in the Brims lease site (SMFS 08 22) C Evers, C Blight, D Thompson, J Onoufriou & G Hastie November 2017
Scottish Government Demonstration Strategy: Trialling Methods for Tracking the Fine Scale Underwater Movements of Marine Mammals in Areas of Marine Renewable Energy Development (SMFS 07 14) C Sparling, D Gillespie, G Hastie, J Gordon, J Macaulay, C Malinka, M Wu and B McConnell 11 September 2017
NMPi future climate change data layers W R Turrell, M Cox, L Mason, D Milne and R Watret 9 August 2017
Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme (SMASS): final report (SMFS 08 08) A Brownlow, N Davison & M ten Doeschate 5 May 2017
Fine-scale harbour seal at-sea usage mapping around Orkney and the north coast of Scotland (SMFS 07 27) E L Jones, S Smout, C Blight, C Sparling and B McConnell  20 December 2016
P S Hammond and L J Wilson 28 November 2016 
L J Wilson and P S Hammond 24 November 2016
Improved estimates of digestion correction factors and passage rates for harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) prey (SMFS 07 23) L J Wilson, K Grellier and P S Hammond 28 November 2016
L J Wilson and P S Hammond 28 November 2016
Refining Estimates of Collision Risk for Harbour Seals and Tidal Turbines (SMFS 07 17)

B Band, C Sparling, D Thompson, J Onoufriou,
E San Martin and N West

24 November 2016
Investigations into the interactions between harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and vessels in the inner Moray Firth (SMFS 07 24) J Onoufriou, E Jones, G Hastie and D Thompson 24 October 2016
Guidance for Scottish inshore waters on the protection of marine European Protected Species from injury and disturbance. Marine Scotland/Scottish Natural Heritage March 2014
A protocol to implement the interim Population Consequences of Disturbance (PCoD) Approach: quantifying and assessing the effects of UK offshore renewable energy developments on marine mammal populations (SMFS 05 02) Harwood, J., King, S., Schick, R., Donovan, C. and Booth, C. 12 February 2014
Planning Scotland's Seas consultation papers & supporting documents Marine Scotland July 2013
Scotland's Marine Atlas Marine Scotland 11/03/2011

A strategy for marine nature conservation in Scotland's seas

Marine Scotland March 2011

Marine protected areas in Scotland's seas: guidelines on the selection of MPAs and the development of the MPA network

Marine Scotland

March 2011
Impact Assessment of the proposed designation of two inshore Special Areas of Conservation in the Sound of Barra & East Mingulay Marine Scotland/Halcrow 29/10/2010
Identifying Seals Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) 15/09