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Title of Publication Author Date
An overview of the Scottish contingency plan for Gyrodactylus salaris Purvis, N. 02/10/2009
Bacterial degradation of algal toxins: possibilities for use in post-harvest treatment? E Turrell, E Papapanagiotou, J-P Lacaze, J Graham, P Lamont and Laura Morley 30/06/2009
Infectious Salmon Anaemia poster FRS 08/01/2009
International Symposium : Scottish Aquaculture - a sustainable future   17/10/2008
Availability of PAHs in sediments from the Vefsn Fjord, Norway to the rag worm, Nereis virens (ICES CM 2007/J:17) Yates, K.; Davies, I.M.; Webster, L.; Pollard, P.; Lawton, L. and Moffat, C.F. 25/06/2008
Depuration of PAH Contamination in Sediments McIntosh, A.D.; & Fryer, R.J. 25/06/2008
Stability of Infection Patterns with Time, the Case of Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus in Scottish Farmed Salmon Murray, A.G.; & Raynard, R.S. 25/06/2008
Differences in Swimbladder Volume between Baltic and Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring: Consequences for Mean Target Strength Fassler, S.M.M.; Gorska, N. & Ona, E. 25/06/2008
The effect on haddock selectivity of varying cod-end circumference, inserting a 'flexi-grid' or inserting a Bacoma type panel O'Neill, F.G.; Kynoch, R.J.; Graham, N.; Ferro, R.S.T. and Fryer, R.J. 18/06/2008
The comparative vertical dynamics of cod, haddock and halibut in the northern North Sea Neat, F.; Wright, P.; Gibb, I.; and Gibb, F. 18/06/2008
Reduction of Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Kroyer) infection pressure in a Scottish sea loch Penston, M.; Millar, C.P.; and Davies, I.M. 18/06/2008
A multi-disciplinary approach to sea lice in Loch Torridon, Scotland Penston, M., Amundrud, T., Bricknell, I., Hay, D., Kilburn, R., McBeath, A., Middlemas, S., Murray, S., Pert, C., Raffell, J., Urquhart, K. 06/06/2008
Mediopyxis helysia in Scottish waters McCollin, T. 06/06/2008
Influence of towing speed and density on behaviour of haddock (and some whiting) in a cod-end Jones, E.G., Summerbell, K. & O'Neill, F. 06/06/2008
Zooplankton community description and comparison of seasonal population development for common species and groups FRS 17/08/2007
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in the Firth of Clyde in relation to sewage sludge input L Webster, M Russell, F Adefehinti, E Dalgarno and C Moffat 13/08/2007
Study of early immune responses in Atlantic salmon (salmo salar) following infection with infectious pancreatic necrosis virus N Bain, I.S. Mercy, C Collins and Ø Evensen 30/04/2007
PhD Studentship Opportunity in Aberdeen - Nitrogen Regeneration Rates in North Sea Coastal Waters Prof Ursula White and Prof Mike Heath 27/02/2007
Unaccounted Fishing Mortality and a 21st Century Approach to Managing Uncertainty? M Breen and K H Hauge 21/11/2006
The Selectivity and Survival of Fish Escaping from a Trawl Codend at Depth and at the Surface M Breen, N. Madsen, A.V. Soldal, I. Huse, O. Ingolfsson 21/11/2006
Fish entry position and catch rate in a survey trawl; effect of species composition and season E G. Jones, M Jones, E Armstrong, M Campbell, and D Reid 21/11/2006
Transmission Electron Microscopy: An essential tool in assessing diatom diversity in Scottish waters L Brown and E Bresnan 14/11/2006
A Simple Model Used to Assess Effectiveness of IPNV Control Strategies for Scottish Salmon Farms A Murray; R Raynard 05/10/2006
Scientific Methods for Defining and Isolating Epidemiological Compartments A Murray, R Raynard and R Stagg, 05/10/2006
The ICES report on ocean climate 2005 ICES Working Group on Oceanic Hydrography. Editors: S L. Hughes and N. P Holliday 29/09/2006
DNA damage in mussel (Mytilus edulis) gill cells collected from a contaminated estuarine environment: practicalities of field sampling S O'Neill, H Selley, A M. Shanks and I M Davies 28/09/2006
A decade monitoring toxic phytoplankton in Scottish waters E Bresnan, E Turrell and S Fraser 28/08/2006
Seasonal Diversity of Pseudo-nitzschia species in the Shetland and Western Isles, Scotland L Brown and E Bresnan 28/08/2006
Solid phase adsorption toxin tracking (SPATT) from New Zealand to the Scottish Coast L Stobo, E Turrell, J-P Lacaze, E Bresnan 24/08/2006
Domoic Acid in Minke Whale E Turrell, L Stobo, A Scott, E Bresnan, L Brown 24/08/2006
Juvenile Fish Composition in a Coastal Nursery Ground K Ralston 24/08/2006
A Risk Analysis Approach to Aquatic Disease Management A. Gregory, A. G. Murray R. S. Raynard and M. Snow 10/03/2006
Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus distribution and estimated prevalence in wild fish from Scotland RS Raynard, L Macleod, AG Murray, E Munro, A Gregory, B Deveriere, IS Wallace 10/03/2006
Epidemiology at Fisheries Reseach Services FRS 24/02/2006
Establishing mesocosm exposures for assessing the bioavailability of estuarine sediment contaminants, and their effects upon flounder "-omic" responses C Robinson, I Davies, L Webster & C Moffat 15/12/2005
Temporal patterns of settlement and dietary changes of 0-group cod, haddock and whiting D Demain, A Gallego, E Jones & I Priede 12/10/2005
Comparison of nitrogen discharge rates from cultivated marine fisnfish species IM Davies, MJ Gubbins & C Greathead 11/10/2005
A preliminary investigation into the use of F+ RNA bacteriophage molecular probes in determining the origin of shellfish contamination in Scottish waters J.F. Heron, E.A. Turrell, J. Graham, K. MacKenzie 10/10/2005
Molecular diversity of Pseudo-nitzschia cf. delicatissima in Scottish waters C Collins, E Bresnan, L Brown, M Grieve, E Turrell & C Cunningham 10/10/2005
Long term monitoring of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) from a remote Scottish location L Webster, M Russell, G Packer & C Moffat 10/10/2005
Detection of toxic phytoplankton in Scottish waters using species specific oligonucleotide probes M Grieve, L Brown, E Bresnan & E Turrell 10/10/2005
The development and application of a statistical sampling regime for determining hydrocarbon distributions in marine sediment A Ahmed, L Webster, IM Davies, M Russell, P Walsham, G Packer, RJ Fryer, CF Moffat, P Pollard 10/10/2005
The impact of ground gear choice on catch rates of flatfish in the Scottish North Sea International Bottom Trawl Surveys H Fraser, D Reid & R Kynoch 10/10/2005
A guide to biosecurity - practical steps to prevent the introduction and minimise transmission of fish diseases affecting aquaculture DI Fraser, NL Purvis & DA Smail 10/10/2005
Improved determination of sediment total metal concentrations by microwave digestion and ICP-MS analysis CD Robinson & S Devalla 10/10/2005
Seasonal variations in the relative importance of aquaculture, land run-off and tidal exchange as sources of nutrient nitrogen in Scottish sea lochs C Greathead, J Jackson & IM Davies 10/10/2005
The environmental effects of oil exploration and production in the east Shetland Basin: composition and concentration of hydrocarbons in sediment samples collected in 2002 using a stratified random sampling design M Russell, L Webster, P Walsham, G Packer, EJ Dalgarno, AD McIntosh, RJ Fryer and CF Moffat 03/10/2005
Molecular diagnosis of fish diseases: the way forward CO Cunningham and M Snow 03/10/2005
Residency and depth movements of a coastal group of Atlantic cod FC Neat, PJ Wright, AF Zuur, IM Gibb, FM Gibb, D Tulett, DA Righton and RJ Turner 18/02/2005
Differential exploitation of Atlantic salmon populations by a rod fishery on the River Spey, Scotland J Thorley, R Laughton and A Youngson 08/02/2005
How groundwater can affect the survival rate of salmon eggs FRS 17/12/2004
Water quality in salmon spawning gravels FRS 17/12/2004
Recovery from acid rain gives hope to Scottish upland salmonid populations FRS 17/12/2004
Early warning systems to mitigate the impacts of algal blooms and jelly fish on mariculture developments PJ Sammes and CF Greathead 13/12/2004
Seasonal biodiversity of phytoplankton in two Scottish sea lochs: Loch Torridon and Swining Voe PJ Sammes, MJ Gubbins and IM Davies 13/12/2004
A two-year plankton survey of sea lice larvae in Loch Torridon MJ Penston, IM Davies and A Zuur 08/10/2004
The effects of oil exploration and production in the Fladen Ground: temporal trends in hydrocarbon composition and concentration between 1989 and 2001 M Russell, L Webster, P Walsham, G Packer, EJ Dalgarno, AD McIntosh and CF Moffat 15/12/2003
Depuration of Cryptosporidium parvum>/i>, Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Campylobacter jejuni from bivalve molluscs ID Ogden, M Macrae, S Wright, J Heron and J Graham 15/12/2003
Identification of European diplozoids (Monogenea) by Rflp digestion of the ITS2 rDNA I Matejusova, B Koubkova, CO Cunningham 19/06/2003
The genetic basis of Gyrodactylus salaris resistance in Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar) C Collins, I Matesujova, T Sorsa-Leslie, J Gilbey, CO Cunningham, E Verspoor, LR Noble, CS Jones, K Buchmann, K Olstad, E Sterud and TA Mo 19/06/2003
Pseudo-nitzschia numbers and Amnesic Shellfish Toxins (AST) in shellfish at Loch Ewe, a sealoch in northern Scotland E Bresnan, S Fraser, N Smith, N Brown and A Scott 27/05/2003
The movements of ferox trout, Salmo trutta, in a Scottish highland freshwater loch A Thorne, A MacDonald, J Thorley and A Johnstone 27/05/2003
Selectivity and diet composition in multispecies larval fish assemblages J Rasmussen, A Gallego, M Heath and P Boyle 22/05/2003
Developments in automated nutrient analysis at sea C Shaw, P Walsham and L Webster 12/12/2002
Certified reference materials for the analysis of non-ortho chlorobiphenyls in biota C Megginson and L Webster 02/12/2002
Biological of paralytic shellfish toxin on Atlantic salmon and bivalve molluscs MJ Gubbins, FB Eddy, S Gallacher and RM Stagg 11/11/2002
The effect of stocking density and other parameters of susceptibility of Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar L.) to infectious pancreatic necrosis virus T Bowden, K Lockhart, D Smail and T Ellis 11/11/2002
Effects of storage on amnesic shellfish toxins (AST) in king scallops ( Pecten maximus) SJ Cousins, S Gallacher, M Kelly, FB Eddy, A Taylor and EA Smith 11/11/2002
Sea lice larvae distributions in Loch Shieldaig, western Scotland MJ Penston, M McKibben, D Hay and P Gillibrand 30/10/2002
Decline and recovery of salmon in the central belt of Scotland R Gardiner 28/10/2002
An investigation into the occurence of F+ specific bacteriophage in Scottish shellfish JF Heron, J Graham, N Cross, S Gallacher and EA Smith 11/09/2001