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Licensing Responsibilities

Licensing Map

Black LineBritish fishery limits
Blue LineUK territorial sea limits (including 12 nautical mile limit)
Dotted LineUK Continental Shelf
Purple StripMarine Scotland
Amber StripMarine Management Organisation
Red StripWelsh Assembly Government
Green StripDepartment of Environment Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Environment Agency
  • Marine Scotland licence activities in Scottish inshore and offshore waters
  • The Welsh Assembly Government licence Welsh inshore waters
  • The Department of Environment Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency licence Northern Irish inshore waters.
  • The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) licence activities in both the inshore and offshore areas of English waters, as well as the offshore areas of Welsh and Northern Irish waters. They also licence non-fisheries harbour orders in Welsh inshore waters.

In England, the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) will issue consent for renewables projects over 100 megawatts under the Planning Act 2008 and issue a development consent order that includes conditions similar to a marine licence. In Wales, the IPC issue the consent under the Planning Act 2008 and the Welsh Assembly Government issue the marine licence.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is responsible for issuing consents for oil and gas deposits and the Department for Transport is responsible for operations falling within Part VI of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995.