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The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) located in Orkney was established in 2003 to provide access to open-sea, purpose built marine renewable energy testing facilities..EMEC Wave and Tidal lease sites

The EMEC facilities include 14 full-scale, grid-connected wave and tidal energy test berths located at Billia Croo (wave) and Fall of Warness (tidal).  EMEC also operates two non-grid-connected scale test sites, one at Scapa Flow (wave) and one at Shapinsay Sound (tidal), for initial testing of prototype devices in less challenging conditions.

EMEC has been working closely with Marine Scotland to streamline the consenting process for new projects at its test sites, and to help collate meaningful data and reports related to the testing of new marine energy converter technologies.  The links below provide details of developer licence applications and monitoring reports where available.

For more information about EMEC please visit the EMEC website or contact

Additional Information

Both EMEC and individual developers testing at the sites collect data for the purpose of environmental monitoring/baseline characterisation, or as a requirement of Marine Licence conditions.  Where possible, the derived reports or data will be made available through EMEC and Marine Scotland (please see links below).  For developer or berth-specific data and monitoring reports, please follow the links for each specific berth in the section above.