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Current Marine Renewable Energy Projects

Information for current marine renewable energy projects can be found below. Information for other projects can be found on the current Construction, Cable and NRIP page. 

Application & Determination
Offshore Wind Projects
Moray Offshore East Development
(formerly Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd, Eastern Development)
Wave Projects


Tidal Projects
    SME - PLAT-I Sea Acceptance Tests, Connel, Oban
Hybrid Projects


Related Groups

Several groups have been set up as part of the consenting process of some of the projects above. Information and documentation is available for the Moray Firth Regional Advice Group (MFRAG) and Forth and Tay regional Advice Group (FTRAG).

Information from the first Offshore Renewables Energy Licensing Group (ORELG) seminar is also available.

European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Projects

For information and documentation relating to the projects at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, please follow the EMEC link.

Billia Croo
Scapa Flow
Shapinsay Sound
Berth 1 - Available
Berth 1 - Green Marine
Berth 1 - Magallanes
Berth 2 - Laminaria NV
Berth 3 - Available
Berth 3 - Nautricity Ltd
Berth 4 - Available
Berth 4 - Open Hydro
Berth 5 - Wello Oy
Berth 5 - Scotrenewables
Inshore Berth 1 - Available
Berth 6 - Tocardo
Inshore Berth 2 - Available
Berth 7 - Open Hydro

Previous Occupants



Non-Active or Withdrawn Renewable Projects