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Licensable Activities

The list of licensable activities includes:

  • Removal of sediment
  • Deposits in the sea or on/under the seabed
  • Removal of substances and objects from the seabed
  • The act of dredging the seabed
  • Disposal of dredged material at sea
  • Construction projects (e.g. outfalls, slipways, jetties, breakwaters etc.)
  • Beach replenishment
  • Walkways/pontoons
  • Algal farms
  • Finfish and shellfish farms - potential hazards to navigation only
  • Submarine cables
  • Installation of marine renewable energy devices
  • Discharge of sea lice treatments from wellboats
  • Deposit and or use of explosives
  • Incineration on vessels etc.
  • Licences to control seals
  • Licences to disturb European Protected Species