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Fishing vessel weekly licence variations - update

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Notice to Vessel Owners/Masters/Charterers/Nominees

Notice to Vessel Owners/Masters/Charterers/Nominees
The information contained on this web page constitutes a Notice in accordance with Article 3(2)(c)(ii) of The Sea Fishing (Licences and Notices) (Scotland) Regulations 2011, and has the effect of varying the authority and conditions of all licences previously issued by the Scottish Ministers to vessels in membership of the groups indicated.
This means that a relevant entry on this web page may remove or alter any authority a licence recipient may have had to fish for the stocks listed in that relevant entry. Where the authority to fish for a particular species has been removed through this web page, it will be an offence to retain on board, land or trans-ship any quantity of that species of sea fish.
Non-compliance will be subject to enforcement action.

Weekly Licence Variations

10 January 2020


PO / Non-PO Group


Change to conditions text



See below table which shows seasonal closures to protect spawning Cod. This applies to all AO, AU, AUP licence conditions text. 

The following paragraphs have changed.

Para 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.10 (AO)

Para 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.9 (AU)

Para 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.9 (AUP)

Area Name


Time period


Stanhope ground


60o 10N - 01o 45E

60o 10N - 02o 00E

60o 25N - 01o 45E

60o 25N - 02o 00E


1 January to 30 April





Long Hole

59º 07.35N - 0º 31.04W

59º 03.60N - 0º 22.25W

58º 59.35N - 0º 17.85W

58º 56.00N - 0º 11.01W

58º 56.60N - 0º 08.85W

58º 59.86N - 0º 15.65W

59º 03.50N - 0º 20.00W

59º 08.15N - 0º 29.07W





1 January to 31 March




Coral  edge

58o 51.70N - 03o 26.70E

58o 40.66N - 03o 34.60E

58o 24 00N - 03o 12.40E

58o 24 00N - 02o 55.00E

58o 35 65N - 02o 56.30E



1 January to 29 February




Papa Bank

59o 56N - 03o 08W

59o 56N - 02o 45W

59o 35N - 03o 15W

59o 35N - 03o 35W



1 January to 15 March




Foula Deeps

60o 17.5N - 01o 45W
60o 11.0N - 01o 45W
60o 11.0N - 02o 10W
60o 20.0N - 02o 00W
60o 20.0N - 01o 50W



1 November to 31 December


Egersund Bank

58o 07.40N - 04o 33.0E

57o 53.00N - 05o 12.0.E

57o 40.00N - 05o 10.9E

57o 57.90N - 04o 31.9E


1 January to 31 March




East of Fair Isle

59o 40N - 01o 23W

59o 40N - 01o 13W

59o 30N - 01o 20W

59o 10N - 01o 20W

59o 30N - 01o 28W

59o 10N - 01o 28W




1 January to 15 March


West Bank

57o 15N - 05o 01E

56o 56N - 05o 00E

56o 56N - 06o 20E

57o 15N - 06o 20E


1 February to 15 March



57o 28.43N - 08o 05.66E

57o 27.44N - 08o 07.20E

57o 51.77N - 09o 26.33E

57o 52.88N - 09o 25.00E


1 February 15 March




57o 47.00N - 11o 04.00E

57o 43.00N - 11o 04.00E

57o 43.00N - 11o 09.00E

57o 47.00N – 11o 09.00E


1 February – 15 March


2020 Closures Table:- showing the current status of fish stocks following the issue and publication of the above variations (if any).

2020 Quota Limits Tables:- showing the quota limits applicable to both 10m and under non-PO and over 10m non-sector vessels. Please note: these tables are for information only and you should always refer to your licence and the variations thereof in the first instance.