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Notice to Vessel Owners/Masters/Charterers/Nominees

Notice to Vessel Owners/Masters/Charterers/Nominees
The information contained on this web page constitutes a Notice in accordance with Article 3(2)(c)(ii) of The Sea Fishing (Licences and Notices) (Scotland) Regulations 2011, and has the effect of varying the authority and conditions of all licences previously issued by the Scottish Ministers to vessels in membership of the groups indicated.
This means that a relevant entry on this web page may remove or alter any authority a licence recipient may have had to fish for the stocks listed in that relevant entry. Where the authority to fish for a particular species has been removed through this web page, it will be an offence to retain on board, land or trans-ship any quantity of that species of sea fish.
Non-compliance will be subject to enforcement action.

Weekly Licence Variations

Friday 15/11/2019

*** IMPORTANT guidance regarding the preparation by UK Fisheries Authorities for licensing commercial fishing in non-UK waters after Brexit can be found here .***

Producer Organisation/Non-Producer Organisation Group

Type of Licence



Area of Sea


Effective Date

No variations. Please check back next week.



2019 Closures Table: showing the current status of fish stocks following the issue and publication of the above variations

2019 Quota Limits Tables: showing the quota limits applicable to both 10m and under non-PO and over 10m non-sector vessels. Please note: these tables are for information only and you should always refer to your licence and the variations thereof in the first instance.​

UKFMC seasonal opening hours

Mon 23 December Open until 1700
Tue 24 December 0830 to 1700
Wed 25 December CLOSED
Thur 26 December CLOSED
Fri 27 December 0830 to 1700
Sat 28 December 0830 to 1700
Sun 29 December 0830 to 1700
Mon 30 December 0830 to 1700
Tue 31 December 0830 to 1700
Wed 1 January CLOSED
Thur 2 January Open 24 hours after 0700


EU Exit Information

IMO Numbers

If your vessel is 100 gross tons or above, or is 12 metres long or more, you will have to have an IMO number to fish in EU waters. To find out how to obtain an IMO number and register it with the Single Issuing Authority, please visit the UK Government website.

Guidance if the UK leaves the EU without a deal

The UK has received a further extension to Article 50, up to the end of October, however, it remains possible that the UK may leave the EU without a deal at or before that date. Please continue to consider any steps you may need to take to prepare for a no deal exit. This page will be updated as and when further information is available. More information is also available on the UK Government website.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal you need to be aware of new requirements that the EU will apply to all third countries - which will include the UK after exit. Marine Scotland has produced three leaflets to help you understand what you need to do if any of the fish that you catch is exported to the EU, either by yourself or by the agent/processor you sell your catch to.

In addition, DEFRA has recently published information on:

If you are exporting you may also find this checklist helpful. It provides additional links, and a list of issues that you may wish to consider in preparing to export after a no deal exit.

EORI Numbers

In addition, to be able to export seafood to the EU, you will need to have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. The process is quick and easy and can be done by visiting the UK Government website.