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Bill Overview

The Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill will ensure that farmed and wild fisheries – and their interactions with each other – continue to be managed effectively, maximising their combined contribution to supporting sustainable economic growth with due regard to the wider marine environment.

  • Part 1: Aquaculture

With regard to aquaculture, the Bill details a number of requirements, for example statutory farm management agreements or statements; technical standards for farm equipment, and the control and monitoring of wellboats, all of which will strengthen the framework within which the aquaculture industry currently works.

  • Part 2: Salmon Fisheries

Existing legislation is being amended to improve the management and governance of salmon fisheries, while also acknowledging the current arrangements for local management of fisheries. Marine Scotland wants to ensure effective contingency arrangements are in place in the event of failure by Boards, or overriding national interests or challenges.

  • Part 3: Sea Fisheries

Marine Scotland is bringing forward additional enforcement powers for sea fisheries enforcement officers to close gaps in their current ability to monitor compliance with regulatory obligations and ensure appropriate enforcement action where required.

  • Part 4: Shellfish

Marine Scotland wants to ensure the continued sustainability of the Scottish shellfish industry by creating new legislative provisions to safeguard shellfish waters protected areas.

  • Part 5: Charging and Fixed Penalty Notices

Enabling powers to introduce charges for a number of fishery functions and for fixed money penalties for a wide range of marine related regulatory offences.