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FHI Information - update

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Mortality information

Voluntary mortality reporting thresholds were agreed between Scottish Government and industry stakeholders through the Healthier Fish Working Group. Further information relating to the reporting requirements has been adopted within the Code of Good Practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture (CoGP).

Information held, relating to the mortality reporting regime, is obtained by Marine Scotland through either industry reporting or via Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) surveillance. This is used as part of the wider aquatic animal health surveillance programme to direct further investigations as required. Information is actively published on a monthly basis, one month in arrears.

The following limitations must be considered in relation to the published information:

  1. The information presented is not a comprehensive record of fish farm mortality but only details situations where the mortality reporting thresholds have been reached and where this information has been reported to Marine Scotland by the industry or where information has been obtained through FHI surveillance.

  2. The information relates to a live spreadsheet and therefore may be subject to change at any point. Changes may not be easily recognisable between published versions and may be ‘historical’. The information is only an accurate record at the point in which information abstraction occurred.

  3. In line with the current surveillance regime data older than 3 years (on a calendar year basis) will be archived and not expected to be subject to further change.

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