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Exiting the European Union

The UK's withdrawal from the European Union will lead to some of the most significant changes to the UK, and Scotland's, political and economic landscape in decades. Although relations with the European Union are a reserved matter, the consequences of leaving the EU will be felt in a large range of devolved areas, and the Scottish Government therefore has a critical role in ensuring that the devolved settlement is protected and that Scotland's national interests are secured.

Stakeholder Group

The Marine Scotland EU Hub team recently established the Marine and Seafood Stakeholder Group on EU-Related matters, chaired by the Director of Marine Scotland Graham Black, which serves as a forum for engagement and exchange of information which will help inform our approach to the Brexit negotiations and to EU-related matters longer term, including the effect on the sector of potentially leaving the EU within and beyond the UK. If you would like more information on the remit and purpose of the group, please find attached notes of the first and second meeting of the stakeholder group: