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Electronic Reporting and Recording Systems (ERS)

Council Regulations 1966/2006, 1006/2008 and 1224/2009 and Commission Regulations 1077/2008 and 201/2010, implemented by the Sea Fishing (EU Recording and Reporting Requirements) (Scotland) Order 2010 (SSI 2010/334), require Masters of fishing vessels of 12 metres’ length overall or more to record and report catch data electronically (when operating in Scottish, EU and third country waters).

10-12 Metres and Electronic Logbooks

Article 24(6) of 1224/2009 permits Member States to allow 10-12 metre vessels to record and report logbook data electronically. There are many benefits from having one system rather than a two-tiered paper and electronic logbook system. Marine Scotland is considering the merits of extending electronic reporting to the 10-12 metre sector and will discuss further with industry representatives.

External Waters

All EU-registered vessels are obliged to have electronic logbooks. Scottish vessels operating in distant waters are expected to comply with this requirement and arrangements should be made to have an electronic logbook system fitted as soon as practicable.

Any vessels that are experiencing logistical difficulties should contact Marine Scotland on +44(0)131 244 4980 as this will have implications for the licence conditions set out in their External Waters Licence.

Approved Suppliers

To meet this new EU obligation, the UK Fisheries Administrations have undertaken a process for validating and accrediting electronic logbook reporting software system and the first of a number of software systems has been accredited. Only systems that have been approved by the UK Fisheries Authorities are guaranteed to comply with our information requirements and you are therefore advised only to purchase software systems from the approved list. We will notify you as other software systems become accredited.

Electronic Sales Notes

Articles 63 and 67 require registered buyers and sellers, who are responsible for the first marketing of fishery products and have an annual financial turnover in first sales of fishery products of €200,000 or more, to record and report sales notes and take-over declaration data electronically.

Marine Scotland is working on a system to facilitate the delivery of electronic sales notes and will shortly be contacting those registered buyers and sellers who may be affected by this legislation.