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Ex-Ante Evaluation, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA)

Agra CEAS Consulting Ltd have carried out an ex-ante evaluation in conjunction with Scottish Agricultural Colleges and Collingwood Environmental Planning Ltd. The aim of the ex-ante evaluation was to ensure that the objectives and targets set out in the SRDP 2014 - 2020 were realistic and attainable. The final report of the evaluation and the Strategic Environmental Assessment report are available below.

The ex-ante evaluation also included a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to ensure that the options developed for delivery of the SRDP are as environmentally acceptable as possible. The overall aims of the SEA are to ensure that:

  • likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the RDP are identified, described, evaluated and taken into account before the plan is adopted; and that
  • reasonable alternatives, taking into account the objectives and geographical scope of the plan, are evaluated for their likely significant effects and inform the nature and content of the proposed RDP.

More information generally about SEAs can be found here.

Initial scoping for the SEA has been undertaken to establish what will be included and the level of detail of assessment to be carried out for the remainder of the SEA.

As part of the development of the SRDP a Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment has also been prepared. 

Consultation for Strategic Environmental Assessment

Downloadable documents:

Title:Ex-Ante Evaluation and Strategic Environmental Assessment
Description:SRDP 2014-2020 Ex-Ante Evaluation and Strategic Environmental Assessment
File:SRDP 2014 - 2020 final ex-ante report [PDF, 3102.9 kb: 14 Apr 2015]
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File:Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) [PDF, 294.1 kb: 24 Jun 2015]
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