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SRDP 2014 - 2020 Rural Development Operational Committee (RDOC)

This content is no longer being updated. Find the latest information on the Rural Development Operational Committee on the gov.scot site.

What is the Rural Development Operational Committee

For the Scottish Rural Development Programme 2014 - 2020 the Rural Development Operational Committee (RDOC) will review the programme progress and advise the Joint Programme Monitoring Committee (JPMC). The JPMC monitors the overall strategic direction of the European Structural and Investment Funds.  It is the role of the RDOC to provide expert advice on fund-specific technical and operational issues to the JPMC. The RDOC will meet twice a year in the spring and autumn making its recommendations to JPMC on:RDOC makeup

  • selection criteria for financed operations;
  • implementation of the evaluation plan of the programme, including proposals for further evaluation if required;
  • implementation of the information and publicity strategy;
  • first review of the Annual Implementation Report (AIR) before this goes to JPMC;
  • amendments to the programme proposed by the Managing Authority (these are changes to targeting within measures, e.g. one species over another), and
  • participation in the National Rural Network and recommend any follow up activity in Scotland to the JPMC.


RDOC stakeholder member organisations
Community Woodlands Assocation Scottish Enterprise Local Action Groups
Convention of Scottish Local Authorities Scottish Crofting Federation Scottish Islands Group
ConFor NFU Scotland Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Scottish Land and Estates New Entrants Highlands and Islands Agricultural Support Group
Scottish Environment Protection Agency National Trust for Scotland Scottish Environment Link
Scottish Natural Heritage    

RDOC meeting papers

The papers from all of these meetings shall be published via this website when available. For ease of use please note that the papers for both the spring and autumn papers can be accessed (when published) under the year that the meetings took place.

The Scoring and Selection paper, originally presented to the RDOC as paper RDOC/00, will continue to be modified throughout the programme period and can be accessed here.


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Annual Implementation Reports

Each June an Annual Implementation Report (AIR) on implementation of the rural development programme in the previous calendar year has to be submitted to the European Commission, along with a summary document referred to as the Summary for Citizens. The first report was submitted in June 2016 and covered the calendar years 2014 and 2015. Subsequent reports will cover individual calendar years.

The AIR and the Summary for Citizens can be accessed below. Please note that the years refer to the year that the report covers and not the year they were submitted to the European Commission.


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