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Rural Priorities Statistics

These pages show key statistics on the Rural Priorities element of the Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP), correct at 4 September 2013.

You will find summary statistics on this page, and further breakdowns can be accessed through the links below.

Previously, we reported on approved funding. We will now report on funding where contracts have been finalised.

These figures may also vary from previously-reported totals as a result of administrative checks and contract variations.

Key statistics on Rural Priorities 

  • Rural Priorities opened in April 2008.
  • Contracts have been agreed for over 8,900 cases worth over £610 million. This includes over £167 million to support business development, over £373 million for agri-environment and forestry and almost £68 million to support rural enterprise and rural communities.

Further information

Data broken down by Regional Priority

Data broken down by Option

Financial totals by Region