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Wetlands - except Lowland Raised Bogs

Why are we funding this outcome?

Wetlands provide a valuable habitat for plants, birds, small mammals and invertebrates, particularly in the lowlands where wildlife habitats are limited. They have developed where poor drainage and high water tables encourage the colonisation of plants like sedges, rushes and reeds.

Wetlands have other valuable functions that include:

  • reducing flooding as they hold excess rainfall and release it gradually, reducing peak flows and maintaining flows in watercourses during dry periods
  • absorbing nutrients from water and trapping silt.

A combination of agricultural drainage, diffuse pollution and neglect has contributed to the loss of this important habitat.

Our financial support enables you to manage your existing wetlands or create new wetlands in a way that helps their plants and wildlife and also their potential to reduce flooding, absorb nutrients and trap silt.

What will this package achieve?

This package will restore existing wetlands and create new wetlands for wildlife, whilst providing limited agricultural use, and enhancing the flood alleviation functions of wetlands. A well managed wetland will have a high water table with vegetation of variable height and density to accommodate a wide range species.

What you can do

You should choose which of the following Options will help deliver the outcome you have selected.

We suggest the following Options may all be appropriate.

Some Options- shown in the top list - will always deliver the desired outcomes. If you choose any of these Options, you will not be expected to provide any justification for choosing that Option.

Other Options - those in the bottom list - will only help achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances. If you choose any of these, the application system will ask you to explain how you see this Option helping to achieve the outcome. You can select as many, or as few, Options as you think you will need. You must judge which Options will most effectively deliver the desired outcomes taking account of your circumstances.

These Options will always deliver the desired outcome:

These Options will help to achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances:

Other support available under the SRDP

There may be other options available under the SRDP that can help you to manage your wetland. The Land Managers' Options scheme includes Options that may complement and support your proposals for example, the Improvement of rush pasture for wildlife Option. This Tier 2 Option will create a mosaic of rush and open pasture on poorly drained in-bye land to encourage greater plant diversity and improved habitats for birds.