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Uplands and Peatlands

Why are we funding this outcome?

Scotland's uplands and peatlands cover over 38% of the land area. They support habitats and wildlife that are of European importance. The peaty soils store water and help to control flows in rivers. Peat is also an important store of carbon, helping to reduce climate change.

Uplands and peatlands add to our quality of life. The hills are popular places to visit and use for recreation. They form some of our most spectacular and cherished landscapes. They are also important to the rural economy, especially the agriculture, field sports, tourism and recreation sectors.

What will this package achieve?

This package aims to protect and enhance the condition of uplands and peatlands. Better condition and functioning of these habitats will:

  • benefit the habitats themselves and the wildlife they support,
  • reduce soil erosion (helping to improving water quality) and control water flows in rivers,
  • help deliver climate change objectives, by encouraging more peat formation, and
  • benefit people, by making the uplands a more attractive place to live, work and visit.

What can you do?

You should choose which of the following Options will help deliver the outcome you have selected.

We suggest the following options may all be appropriate.

Some Options - shown in the top list - will always deliver the desired outcomes. If you choose any of these Options, you will not be expected to provide any justification for choosing that Option.

Other Options - those in the bottom list - will only help achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances. If you choose any of these, the application system will ask you to explain how you see this Option helping to achieve the outcome. You can select as many, or as few, options as you think you will need. You must judge which Options will most effectively deliver the desired outcomes taking account of your circumstances.

These Options will always deliver the desired outcome:

These Options will help to achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances:

Other support available under the SRDP

There are other options available under the SRDP that may help you to manage your upland or peatland. The Land Managers' Options scheme includes options that can complement and support your proposals under the Rural Priorities scheme. For example, management of moorland grazings and summer cattle grazing are both Land Managers' Options that can benefit uplands and peatlands.

The summer cattle grazing option encourages land managers to put cattle out to the hill, where they graze coarse grasses that sheep tend to avoid.

Crofters might find that the Crofting Counties Agricultural Grant Scheme (CCAGS), administered by the Crofters Commission, can provide useful support.

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