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Supporting Biodiversity

Why are we willing to fund this package?

Agriculture, silviculture and other land management practices play an essential role in supporting biodiversity. This package highlights actions that can benefit a wide range of species; particularly species on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) priorities list and species targeted for conservation action in Scotland's Species Action Framework (SAF).

This package provides a general introduction to help you to select Options that will benefit plants and animals such as juniper, cornflower, lesser butterfly-orchid, water vole, otter, great-crested newt, freshwater pearl mussel and red squirrel. Other biodiversity packages provide more detailed guidance - they focus on the needs of one species or habitat type. You can use both approaches to select Options appropriate to you and your circumstances.

You can also consider the range of species that may benefit from each of the Options available. For example, Rhododendron ponticum can overwhelm many native species and habitats. If you choose to apply for this Option please tell us which species on your site will benefit.

What will this package achieve?

This package highlights Options that will help to promote biodiversity across the landscape as a whole, both on designated sites and outwith designated sites.

It supports management, maintenance, restoration and creation of habitats for wildlife in agricultural and woodland landscapes. Managed well they can make an important contribution to the richness of our biodiversity and contribute to the delivery of biodiversity targets for Scotland.

What you can do

You can choose Options that will help to maintain, enhance and increase the status of an individual species or a range of them. Some Options, such as the Management of Species-rich grassland, will benefit a wide range of species including birds, bees and butterflies. Selecting such Options can make a big difference to biodiversity on your site. Your work can also have a greater impact if you choose to maintain or enhance a variety of habitats and species, for example open grazed grassland, with some areas of scrub and native woodland.

You can select from the species and species groups listed below to view the Options which may be appropriate.

Species that are listed individually have specific needs over and above, or different to, those already listed against their species group.

Other support available under SRDP

This package supports a wide range of species, especially where they depend on several habitats on a holding, e.g. farmland mammals.

However, if you wish to manage a particular habitat, we suggest you apply using a package for this type of habitat. You will also find that we have provided packages for several individual species where we feel there is a need for additional guidance.

Several Options under Land Managers' Options could complement and support your proposals.

Further Information

A list of the priority species and habitats that may benefit from management under Rural Priorities is given here.

Further information on habitat management for species in Scotland can be found via the following:

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