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Running and Standing Waters

Why are we funding this package of options?

Scotland's fresh waters are one of its most important assets. They are world-renowned for their abundance, scenic quality, cleanliness and wildlife. They support iconic creatures such as Atlantic Salmon and Otter, and provide habitat for other less well known species such as the Freshwater Pearl Mussel for which Scotland is now a global stronghold.

Scotland's waters also serve a variety of human needs including domestic and industrial water supply, waste disposal, power generation and agriculture. If not properly managed, the demands placed upon the water environment by these and other essential uses may have harmful consequences for the wildlife, scenic quality and enjoyment supported and provided by Scotland's streams, rivers and lochs.

The following examples of threats to freshwaters are associated with agricultural and forestry practices.

  • Salmon spawning habitat may become smothered with sediment derived from tilled fields or forest operations.
  • 'Fish kills' in slow flowing or still waters may occur as a result of oxygen levels plummeting in response to inputs of organic matter associated with, for example, manure.
  • Flowing and still waters may become choked by a proliferation of aquatic plants as result of chemical and organic fertiliser derived nutrient enrichment.

What will this package achieve?

The Options included in this package are aimed at improving and maintaining in good condition both the physical and chemical characteristics of fresh waters. They are intended to reduce the quantities of agriculturally derived silt and nutrients entering bodies of fresh water. By doing so, the habitat essential for the survival fragile aquatic organisms will be conserved and the opportunities for the survival of endangered species such as the Freshwater Pearl Mussel enhanced.

What can you do?

You should choose which of the following Options will help deliver the outcome you have selected.

We suggest the following Options may all be appropriate.

These Options will only help achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances. If you choose any of these, the application system will ask you to explain how you see this Option helping to achieve the outcome. You can select as many, or as few, Options as you think you will need. You must judge which Options will most effectively deliver the desired outcomes taking account of your circumstances.

These Options will help to achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances:

Other support available under the SRDP

There may be other options available under the SRDP that can help you to manage running and standing waters. The Land Managers' Options scheme includes options that can complement and support your proposals. For example, the Nutrient management plan option can help to reduce diffuse pollution by providing a farm audit of nutrient application to land and a management plan to match crop needs with the amount of fertiliser used.