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Provision and upgrading of infrastructure relating

Option closed to new applications


This Option is to provide support for investments in infrastructure related to the development and adaptation of agricultural and forestry businesses. Support may cover:

  • access to farm and forest land
  • energy supplies
  • water management.

What will this achieve?

Difficult access is a common reason for inadequate land management. This is a common challenge for sustainable forest management in particular. Investing in improved access can help you realise the potential of your business.

Improving energy supplies and water management can also improve business performance. These actions can also improve animal health and welfare and help protect the water environment. Where applicants would like to apply for funding for renewable energy, they should look at funding through one of the following options:

What you can do?

You can use this Option to address issues affecting access to farm land and forestry. Projects must increase business profitability and be an essential part of a restructuring of the business. You may also add or upgrade energy and/or water supplies where it can be shown to improve economic performance and/or provide wider benefits such as improvements in animal health and welfare, environmental and water resources management.

Who can apply?

Applications will be welcome from land based businesses.

Eligibility Criteria

As a minimum, you will be expected to be compliant with existing European Community standards applicable to the investment concerned, and to comply with Good Agricultural and Environmental (GAEC) and Statutory Management Requirements. For forest roads you must comply with the UK Forestry Standards. As part of your proposal you must be able to identify the expected improvements in performance of the business as a result of the planned investment against the criteria of improved viability, increased market orientation, enhanced animal welfare or protection of the water environment. You must also be able to demonstrate that your proposal will contribute to the priority outcomes for your region.

What costs could be supported

Examples may include (illustrative rather than exhaustive):

  • construction or improvement of access roads and tracks to farm and forest land
  • development or upgrading of energy supplies
  • development or upgrading of storage reservoirs
  • improvement or restoration of bodies of water that will contribute to the economic viability of the wood or farm, including watercourse channel enhancement.

To ensure value for money we require you to provide 2 competitive quotes for any capital items applied for which are based on actual cost. If, however, you are seeking grant support towards something so specialised it is only available through 1 source then we would accept 1 quote. Please see the guidance on quotes and estimates for more information.

Rate of Support

For non-LFA up to 40% of eligible costs. Plus 10% Young Farmer Premium if eligible*

For less favoured areas (LFA) up to 50% of eligible costs. Plus 10% Young Farmer Premium if eligible*

*To be eligible for the Young Farmer Premium, you must be a farmer or crofter who, at the time of committing a Proposal is:

  • 16 years of age or over, but under 40 years of age
  • the head of an agricultural business (either as sole proprietor; or as the majority partner; or as the equal partner with another farmer or farmers under 40 years of age)

Note: For the Young Farmer Premium a copy of your birth certificate or other proof of age is required. Companies are ineligible for the 10% Young Farmer Premium.


You must complete the work as described in your approved proposal including compliance with any notified conditions of statutory consents. It is a condition of funding that you allow any person, duly authorised, to have access to allow an inspection to take place. An inspection may take place at any reasonable time either before or after completion.

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