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Why are we willing to fund this package?

Scotland has about two-thirds of the world's machair. Traditional management of this habitat is very important for its conservation. Changes in management have led to a big loss in the number of species of wild flowers in the crop, and the number of flowers of each species. Biodiversity of the fallow has reduced, too. As well as helping a variety of wild plants, traditional methods and patterns support a wide range of wildlife that includes valuable species such as Corn Bunting and Great Yellow Bumblebee.

What will this package achieve?

The aim is to bring back the high biodiversity without badly affecting agricultural operations and income. Using seed from local sources and cutting down or stopping the use of herbicides could make a significant difference.

What you can do

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Other support available under the SRDP

There may be other Options available under the Rural Development Contracts that could help you to manage machair. Options designed to benefit Corncrakes,Corn Buntings and Chough can also benefit machair. For further details, please refer to the packages for these species.