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Improved Water Resource Management

Why are we funding this outcome?

Good water quality is a key outcome of the SRDP. It will help to maintain and enhance biodiversity, geodiversity and environmental conditions on farm land.

This package will help to deliver the Water Quality outcome. It will support actions which are needed under existing water legislation and codes of good practice, and provide additional benefits to both the farm environment and the farm business.

It will encourage land managers to invest in improvements to enable better use to be made of Scotland's water resources.

What will this package achieve?

Most of Scotland's water environment is generally in good condition. However, there is a risk that if land management practices are not improved, some of our water will not meet the targets of good water status in line with the Water Framework Directive.

This package will help you manage your water requirements. By increasing the water storage capacity on your farm you will increase your ability to match demand with supply and help control flood risk. This increased flexibility may give you a wider choice of crops or other land uses.

By restoring meanders to watercourses that have been straightened, or re-profiling the watercourse, you may help to prevent the rapid flow that tends to take away soil; you may also help to maintain water in the stream in dry conditions and provide a habitat that is better for wild life and biodiversity.

This package will:

  • improve water quality by maintaining appropriate natural flow regimes and water levels at all times
  • improve the farm business (by ensuring a supply of water and limiting either abstraction from the water environment or use of mains water)
  • improve flood control and flood storage
  • improve terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems by creating new habitats
  • maintain and enhance geodiversity by maintaining or restoring rivers landforms and natural processes of river flow and channel change
  • enhance the landscape, enjoyment and recreational use of land.

What you can do

You should choose which of the following Options will help deliver the outcome you have selected.

We suggest the following Options may all be appropriate.

Some Options- shown in the top list - will always deliver the desired outcomes. If you choose any of these Options, you will not be expected to provide any justification for choosing that Option.

Other Options - those in the bottom list - will only help achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances. If you choose any of these, the application system will ask you to explain how you see this Option helping to achieve the outcome. You can select as many, or as few, Options as you think you will need. You must judge which Options will most effectively deliver the desired outcomes taking account of your circumstances.

In all cases, a Soil and Water Management Programme Option (tier 3) would help you to draft your proposals. You can produce these plans with an audit of the whole farm.

This Option will always deliver the desired outcome:

These Options will help to achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances: