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Safeguard and Enhance the Historic Environment and Landscape

Why are we funding this package?

The Scottish Government is committed to protecting and enhancing Scotland's cultural heritage in rural areas. The historic environment, through its buildings, archaeological and historic sites and landscapes, provides an important sense of place for rural communities. It contributes to local character and distinctiveness and is a source of enjoyment and inspiration, improving quality of life for current and future generations.

What will this package achieve?

This package will enable you to safeguard and enhance the historic environment and landscape in rural areas. Through this package, you can:

  1. Enhance and preserve archaeological and historic sites and landscapes, contributing to sustainable land use and helping to ensure that current and future generations can understand and enjoy the rural historic environment.
  2. Increase public access to archaeological and historic sites and landscapes, thereby helping to attract visitors to the area and contributing to the rural economy.
  3. Support other rural businesses that supply traditional building materials, and encourage the revival and development of traditional craft skills, which are an important part of our heritage.
  4. Manage vernacular rural buildings to ensure that they continue to be viable for use. This benefits rural communities and businesses by helping to maintain building stock in rural areas. It also helps to retain the character and distinctiveness of an area, both now and in the future.
  5. Help to combat climate change by ensuring the continued viability and sustainable management of existing vernacular rural buildings instead of the more energy-intensive practice of demolition and replacement.

What can you do?

You should choose which of the following Options will help deliver the outcome you have selected.

We suggest the following Options may all be appropriate.

Some Options- shown in the top list - will always deliver the desired outcomes. If you choose any of these Options, you will not be expected to provide any justification for choosing that Option.

Other Options - those in the bottom list - will only help achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances. If you choose any of these, the application system will ask you to explain how you see this Option helping to achieve the outcome. You can select as many, or as few, Options as you think you will need. You must judge which Options will most effectively deliver the desired outcomes taking account of your circumstances.

Some Options can be used to alter a land use regime to deliver additional benefits to archaeological or historic sites found there. Other Options are more suited to utilising your archaeological sites and vernacular buildings in business development, diversification projects, skills development, or increasing public education and access to the historic environment. You can select as many options as you think you will need.

These Options will always deliver the desired outcome:

These Options will help to achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances:

Other support available under the SRDP

If you are a land manager, a number of Land Managers' Options (LMOs) can further contribute to safeguarding and enhancement of the historic environment and landscape. You may wish to pursue these Options to complement your Rural Priorities application. The LMOs are:

  • 13 - Management of linear features: Dykes
  • 21 - Management of sites of archaeological or historic interest
  • 22 - Management to improve the condition of vernacular rural buildings

In addition, there are other grant schemes funded through the SRDP that you may be able to use to safeguard and enhance the historic environment and landscape or to promote public access and interpretation: