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Hen Harrier

Why are we funding this package?

Hen Harriers are a species of conservation concern because their numbers have declined historically. This decline was due partly to persecution of Hen Harriers on grouse moors and partly through loss of moorland through afforestation. In Scotland, the population has remained stable since the 1980s, although large areas of apparently suitable moorland remain unoccupied.

What will this package achieve?

This package will help to maintain or increase the number of breeding Hen Harriers in Scotland and extend their distribution within Scotland.
It will achieve this by supporting moorland and grassland management to benefit Hen Harriers. The package also includes support for supplementary feeding of Hen Harriers within Special Protection Areas, where this may help to reduce the impact that Harriers may have on Red Grouse.

What you can do

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We suggest the following Options may all be appropriate.

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These Options will help to achieve the desired outcome in specific circumstances:

Other support available under SRDP

There are other options available under the RDC that are relevant to hen harriers. Several options available under the Land Managers' Options scheme could complement and support your proposals. They include:

  • Management of moorland grazing
  • Wild bird seed mix/unharvested crop