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Wardening for Golden Eagles

(Option closed to new applicants from 2010)


This Option offers support to land managers within Golden Eagle Special Protection Areas (SPAs) for wardening activities.

What this will achieve

This Option will help to protect Golden Eagles from persecution.

What you can do


  • you must record any observations of Golden Eagles on an annual record sheet which will be provided for this purpose. No claims will be met unless accompanied by this record. You need only note any sightings made as you go about your normal business and are not expected to undertake extra site visits specifically for this purpose
  • where a Golden Eagle nest is present on your land, you must participate in a network of contacts working in co-operation to help prevent Golden Eagle persecution including egg theft. Information and guidance on procedures, along with details of local contacts, will be given to you by SNH
  • in the event of a survey being carried out, you must co-operate with any accredited eagle workers visiting your land for survey or monitoring purposes.

Who can apply

Land managers who have a Golden Eagle SPA on their land.

Eligibility criteria

This Option will only be available within Golden Eagle SPAs where SNH considers that it will benefit the Golden Eagle population.

Land receiving payments for similar management under other agri-environment schemes is not eligible under this option.

What costs could be supported

Financial support of up to 100% of eligible actual costs is available in respect of the following:

Please note that this capital items will not appear in a dropdown list of Standard Cost capital items and will need to be entered manually in the box for Actual Cost capital items. Only costs for the types of capital works listed above should be entered in the Actual Cost capital items box for this Option. Any other costs entered cannot be considered for funding.

To ensure value for money we require you to provide 2 competitive quotes for any capital items applied for which are based on actual cost. If, however, you are seeking grant support towards something so specialised it is only available through 1 source then we would accept 1 quote. Please see the guidance on quotes and estimates for more information.

Rate of support

This is a 5-year commitment. We will pay at the end of each year.

£55 per farm unit per year.

£82 per common grazings committee per year.


The inspector will check the requirements (as detailed above under 'what you can do') of the Option are being met, by a visual assessment on the day of inspection.

Beneficiaries must comply with the requirements of cross compliance and the minimum requirements for fertiliser and plant protection products. You must also comply with the requirements to avoid damaging any features of historic or archaeological interest, and follow Scottish Ministers' guidance for the protection of such areas or features (detailed in links below).

The following is a brief overview of the inspection procedures, for a full explanation please see links below:

Inspectors will check:

  • You are keeping records of Golden Eagle sightings
  • If a Golden Eagle nest is present on your land, you participate in a network of contacts to help prevent Golden Eagle persecution

When you submit your claim the Area Office will verify:

  • The annual sighting record sheet is submitted with the claim

List of links to relevant technical guidance