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Coastal Habitats - except Machair

Why are we willing to fund this package?

Scottish coastal habitats have an internationally important range of biodiversity and geological conservation interests. Parts of Scotland's coastline are fashioned by very dynamic processes driven by wind, wave and tidal currents. Many coastal landforms and habitats have evolved with delicate balances, which if interrupted, may have far-reaching consequences for flooding and erosion on adjacent areas. As our understanding of climate change improves, we are certain that the pressures on the coastline are likely to increase.

This package will support appropriate coastal management and avoid unnecessary coastal defence works, allow natural coastal processes to take place and safeguard both coastal landuse and the natural heritage.

What will this package achieve?

Though Scotland's coasts are in comparatively good condition, there are problems in some places. This package will help you to manage coastal habitats to benefit wildlife, and support natural coastal processes and flood defences. It will help you to restore and enhance coastal habitats or to continue manage them as part of your croft or farm business.

What can you do?

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These Options will help to achieve the desired outcomes in specific circumstances:

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