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Woodland Creation – Community Woodland Contribution

General Criteria

Where at least 50% of the proposed planting is located within 1km of the homes of 2000 or more people, and where you can provide a recreation management plan with evidence of support from the local community, an additional Community Woodland Contribution can be payable.

Rate of support

The additional Community Woodland Contribution is £1500 per hectare. It will be paid at the same time as the payment for the initial planting of the woodland.

Additional Design Criteria

You must demonstrate how you will provide opportunities for public access and recreation in the design of the woodland. The proposals must specify how the woodland and access facilities are to be established and maintained over a period of at least 10 years.

We would expect you to provide a recreation management plan that will give details of some or all of the following:

  • How the proposed woodland will take account of local factors and needs - proximity to settlements, recreational requirements and other features of local interest or importance.
  • Justification for the supplement - support and input from a Local Authority Access Officer.
  • Evidence of support and input from local community.
  • Projection of likely use.
  • Footpaths, bridges - costs of construction/maintenance
  • Car parking
  • Gates, signs and benches and their costs
  • Litter picking
  • Leaflets

You should ensure that access proposals integrate with wider access work in the area, e.g. access strategies, green space strategies, core path plans, health walks, etc.

Community involvement

You must demonstrate evidence of community involvement or clearly explain the details of planned community engagement and your proposals should include details on the proposed monitoring of public access and feedback to the community interests.

How to apply for Community Woodland Contribution

The online Proposal form contains the following question under all the Woodland Creation Options:

"Is at least 50% of the planting area within 1km of a community of at least 2000 people?"

If you answer "Yes" and you can back up your proposal with the evidence and recreation plan required, your contract will be approved with the additional contribution.