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Renewable energy powered pumps for water troughs

This item will provide an alternative means of moving water to a water trough installed where management under Rural Priorities means that stock do not have access to traditional watering points.

The renewable energy will be derived from solar, wind or water power. We expect that the system will be of 12 volts, but we will consider different systems. The water source and pump must be adequate to supply water troughs for the use of livestock, and this must be the primary purpose.

Payment will be made for:

  • The solar panel, wind turbine or water powered pump or turbine
  • A battery to store power.
  • Any switches required for the operation of the pump
  • Electrical cabling between generator, 'storage' battery and pump.

A system capable of powering an electric fence to restrict access to watercourses, in addition to a pump, will be eligible. We will not fund the electric fencing itself.

We will fund only the components of the system and not the installation costs. Any header tank included in the system will not be funded.

Equipment must be serviceable, of a standard fit for agricultural use and comply with any relevant British Standard.

Payment Rate/Actual Cost

We will make a capital payment of up to 100% of eligible costs.

You can make only one claim for payment for this item in any 5 year period. A one off payment will be paid in arrears

Claims must be supported by properly receipted invoice.