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Information panels/Interpretation boards

The minimum specification for interpretation boards:

  • The body text on the panels must be at least 18 point size of the font with the main introductory text at least 48 point size of the font.
  • There must be a good colour and brightness contrast between your text and the background. The use of red and green together must be avoided for people who are colour blind.
  • Panels and labels must be fixed at a height, distance and angle that enable them to be read by people in wheelchairs or using bi-focal glasses.
  • Reflective surfaces for text and panels must be avoided.
  • Fancy typefaces, extra-bold and excessive use of UPPERCASE WHICH ARE ALL HARDER TO READ, must be avoided.
  • Where feasible, you can use symbols and images instead of lots of words.

Information for path/route user

We will also support signage which informs users of the path type and gradient.

The minimum specification for path information:

  • Must include a description of the path gradient and surface type, i.e. maximum gradient 1 in 12. Loose stone surface. You must not describe paths or routes as unsuitable for wheelchair use as your path may be suitable for a very fit wheelchair user with an all terrain wheelchair.