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Minimum grazing levels

Compliance with Article 27 of Commission Regulation (EC) No 1974/2006

Where agri-environment commitments relate to grassland management, agreement holders will be required to comply with the following conditions:

  • Grassland management shall continue
  • The whole of the grazed area per livestock unit shall be maintained, avoiding both overgrazing and under-utilisation
  • Livestock density shall be defined taking into account all grazing livestock kept on the farm or, in the case of a commitment to limit nutrient leaching, all animals kept on the farm which are relevant to the commitment in question.

Minimum level of grazing

To avoid under-utilisation, stock must be present at the application stage of the agreement and graze the grassland at a minimum stocking density of at least 0.04 livestock units/hectare of grassland. This minimum stocking density must be maintained and the stock must utilise the grassland available to the business for the duration of the agreement. This grassland will include all the forage included in the SAF each year.

The defined livestock density shall be calculated from livestock figures and forage area submitted by the business as part of the application process.