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If your proposal is successful, and you receive funding for an operation whose total costs exceeds €50,000 then, you must put up an explanatory plaque.

Where the total cost of an operation exceeds €500,000 the you must put up a billboard.

An 'operation' is any project or action(s) implemented in order to deliver an objective under Axis 1, Axis 2 or Axis 3 of the Programme. Therefore, this will cover 'one-off' capital projects (under Axis 1 or Axis 3) and also the total payment made over the term of a contract for Axis 2 annual recurrent options.

The plaques and billboards must include:

  • A description of the project or operation
  • The European flag, to standards detailed in EU regs1974/2006 Annex VI section4

Euro Flag


  • The statement 'The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in the Rural Areas'.

The description of the project, the European flag and the statement shall take up at least 25% of the billboard or plaque.

Plaques and billboards must be clearly visible and of a significant size which is appropriate to the scale of the operation.For Axis 1 or Axis 3 capital projects, the plaque or billboard should be sited in a prominent position beside the completed works. The description on the plaque or billboard should be something that describes the project or investment.

For annual recurrent options delivering objectives under Axis 2 measures, the description on the plaque should be something that describes the 'action' (for example: 'Managing…') and the selected Priority Objective, for example: '…for biodiversity' or '…for improved water quality'. The plaque should be placed in a prominent position on the farm, croft or estate boundary at the point where the main access road to the farm, croft or estate leaves the public highway.

If you fail to erect an explanatory plaque or billboard we may seek the recovery of payments made to you for the operation in question.