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Section 1 - Further Information

In this section you should, where applicable, provide further details of how the options described in the online Proposal screens relating to regional priorities Nos. 1-7 and 26-32 will be carried out by the business, or on the property, identified in your application.

Ensure you cross-reference the information you provide to at least one relevant regional priority you have selected in the online proposal screens by using the appropriate regional priority coding. If the information is relevant to more than one regional priority refer to the relevant regional priority codes.

1.1 Describe your existing site, property or land use and reasons for choosing the location for the proposed development.

Ensure you refer to accompanying maps/plans by using Holding, FID or Land Parcel codes where appropriate.

For example use this section to explain how:

  • The location of a processing plant is dictated by haulage distances to/from crop or market
  • Routing of access tracks enables links between management areas
  • Power and water supplies have been located to service building conversion
  • Part of a building was chosen for conversion
  • New equipment or infrastructure complements existing business layout
  • Attendance on a training course contributes to the operation of a new business, a new piece of equipment or adoption of new technique.

1.2 Describe the size and scale of your enterprise or organisation and how this will change as a result of this Proposal?

Clearly quantify your project output targets for at least 5 years from completion of your project

the following might change as a result of the proposal: howFor example use this section to explain

  • Your annual turnover
  • The number of employees and type of employees
  • The type of buildings and their capacity
  • The number and type of finished or store animals produced
  • The number of manufactured or processed units produced
  • The number and type of community participants engaged in project
  • Improvement to organisation's efficiency

1.3 If applicable provide evidence of demand for your product, event, facility or service?

For example;

  • relevant local market studies
  • customer surveys
  • feasibility studies relevant to your proposed project
  • local business strategies or plans

If you have been advised to commission a feasibility study or market analysis specific to your Proposal include this in the specialist advice section 2.

1.4 If applicable give details of any other businesses or people with whom you are collaborating with on this Proposal and provide evidence of their support and their role(s).

For example:

  • Joint use of infrastructure, equipment or machinery
  • Joint harvesting operations across more than one property
  • Shared use of access track or water/power services
  • Part of the same supply chain

1.5 Describe any skills development the applicant, the applicant's employees or volunteers require to deliver the Proposal other than that which is a compulsory requirement of the selected Option(s).

For example:

  • Training courses
  • Professional qualifications required
  • Statutory requirement not identified in the Option guidance
  • Membership of a relevant quality assurance scheme

Only describe development needs over and above the minimum specified in the Option guidance, i.e. that have arisen because of the circumstances of your property or business.