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Outcome Plan

The Outcome Plan allows you to identify how and why the Options (activities) set out in the online Proposal will deliver the selected regional priorities. You will be asked to address any issues identified in the Statement of Intent feedback. You should include any specialist input identified as necessary by the Case Officer and provide any evidence against the assessment criteria not already covered in the Regional Priority Supporting Statement text box in the online proposal screens. The information provided in, or appended to, the Outcome Plan will be used by the Case Officer along with the information captured online to judge how well the Proposal meets the outcomes of the Rural Development Contract - Rural Priorities Scheme.

For all Proposals, you should complete either a Business, Environment or Forestry Outcome Plan or more than one, according to the regional priorities you are intending to meet and as advised by your Case Officer.

Proposals containing forestry Options and non forestry Options should submit a Business or Environmental Outcome Plan as appropriate, plus a Forestry Outcome Plan.

You can complete an Outcome Plan by downloading a Word (360kb) version relevant to your proposals (either a Business, Environment or Forestry Outcome Plan template). The templates are also available in pdf format (156kb). You will need to download the pdf version if you do not have Microsoft Word.

Where possible complete the downloaded template electronically and along with any electronic copies of appendices, load onto the Case Documents screen in the Front Office ( link to instructions) or attach to an e-mail to your Case Officer. Alternatively print the template and submit as a paper copy to your regional co-ordinators office along with any paper copies of appendices.

Depending on feedback you received from your Case Officer you should prepare a:

· basic Outcome Plan

· basic Outcome Plan incorporating specialist advice

Both of these Plans utilise the same MS Word and pdf templates, with Section 2 - Specialist Advice only being completed where an applicant is instructed to do so by the Case Officer.